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The “TRACK” systems are at their core Optical Tracking & Camera Calibration technologies used for Performance Tracking, Ball Tracking, Object Tracking purposes. The cameras will automatically capture video of the game, and the artificial intelligence algorithms will track the movement of the players and the ball on the court.
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    By analyzing thousands of frames per second, they detect key features like.

  • Pixellot’s affordable and lightweight video camera for sports tracks, streams, and records every match and practice, automatically! Now, academies and grassroots teams can capture and analyze every move.
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  • PERFORMANCE TRACKING From SkeleTRACK (Hawk-Eye's proprietary skeletal tracking), to biomechanics and combination player, ball and object tracking, Hawk-Eye's performance tracking.
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    ball_tracker: given 3D position of target object, generate motion command to chase after it.

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  • Track a red ball with RGB camera.
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    The ball-tracking technology was first included as part of the DRS' earliest mandatory requirements but in June, the ICC made it optional, and the Hot Spot infrared thermal imaging camera compulsory.

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    Structure Overview.